Vaccinate Against Petya (Not Petya)

A method has be discovered to prevent the current variations of Petya (Not Petya) that broke out in Eastern Europe yesterday from infecting systems that are still not patched. This article at BleepingComputer describes how you can create three files in the Windows folder and set them to Read Only, preventing Petya from activating. This is in no way green light to not patch the vulnerability described in MS17-010, but simply an extra layer of protection for this one particular varient. Patching… just do it!

I’ve written and linked below a ConnectWise Automate script that will automate the process of creating these files and setting read only permissions across your client base.

Automate Script: Petya (Not Petya) Vaccine.xml

Example ConnectWise Automate C# Plugins

While beginning to develop the AD Recycle Bin plugin for ConnectWise Automate (LabTech), it was a daunting task to find good examples of plugin code outside of the ConnectWise Developer documentation and the example plugin posted by Greg Buerk posted to Labtech Geek. The developer documentation while giving a good base of knowledge for the API’s and interfaces, it doesn’t give a good picture of what different types of plugins should look like. Greg’s example, while a great example of the different things you can do with a plugin, it’s only written in VB.NET and has so many different examples that it can be difficult to parse what’s needed for just one screen, such as a Computer Screen tab. My goal for this series of GitHub repositories is to provide easy to follow and documented plugin examples written in C#.