Days 16 – 17: London to the US

We spent most of the day yesterday hanging around the hostel. Two weeks of walking, travelling, and sleeping in new places, exhaustion has finally set in. The bar/restaurant attached to the hostel really does make the most delicious cheeseburgers. I got through a little over half of it and couldn’t eat anymore, they’re decently sized, but the reason was due to two weeks of eating smaller portions.

An interesting thing about England is that their food doesn’t have all of the preservatives that our food has it. Even the sodas don’t have the preservatives and even use real sugar instead of corn syrup. The food there is so much better for you and even tastes better.

We got up early in the morning, just shy of 4:00am so that we could check out and hop on a bus that would eventually lead us to Heathrow Airport. We would have taken the underground, but almost all of the tunnels were shutdown today due to maintenance. The bus completely passed up our stop, unfortunately. We ended up having to take a taxi.

Check-in at Heathrow also took forever, because in front of us was a group of tourists, over ten. They didn’t have their stuff ready and instead of all of them going to one check-in window they clogged up most of the open ones. We were also delayed on take-off due to software problems in their maintenance checklist program. The flight back to the states was a better one than the one coming to England.

Back in O’Hare in Chicago we already had a 4 and half hour layover scheduled there between the flights. However, storms in the area pushed that back for about another hour and a half.

After all of that I finally got home around 8:00 pm. So tired.

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