Cyphan 2010

Last weekend I attended my first convention, Cyphan, in Wheeling, IL. This was a first year sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention, but it felt far from it. Everything was well planned and put together, Mike and his staff worked hard and it paid off tremendously. The first day had several seminars and of course the dealer hall was open. The dealer hall had some very nice products in it, especially at the steampunk booths. In the evening there was a costume show where everyone showed off their costumes, including a spot on 10th Doctor (David Tennant), Batman, and Number Six. Following the costume show was a magic show put on by Ron Fitzgerald. Ending the night was a very entertaining show put on by Hot & Heavy Burlesque. Saturday was absolutely filled with things to do. First there were two special guests this year: Battlestar Galactica’s Nicki Clyne (@nickiclyne) and Firefly’s Jewel Staite (@jewelstaite). Both had photo-ops, Q&A’s, and autograph signings. In the evening the Browncoat Bash was held, here Jewel and Nicki came out and talked to everyone. Right behind the bash was a wedding reception that had been planned to be happening at the same time as Cyphan, so that storm troopers would come in and do their thing. Closing out the night was the Imperial Ball, Jewel and Nicki joined in on the fun here as well, look around on their twitters or blogs and you’ll see some pics of them on the dance floor. The last day there wasn’t a lot going on as expected, but I managed to buy a few things at the dealer floor before I left.

Cyphan was worth every penny and I will without a doubt be attending next year. I met some cool people, saw some awesome costumes, and got to meet Jewel and Nicki.

Before attending Cyphan this year, I hadn’t planned attending any other conventions this year. However, I’ve decided to go to the San Diego Comic Con, in a few weeks. Granted it’s not the small personal feel of Cyphan, but it’s still something to experience.

I also have to give big kudos to United Airlines. The main zipper on my luggage got ripped off in the conveyor at ORD. I went to the United information booth to get some fragile tape or shrink wrap so I wouldn’t lose anything until I could get to some place that sold luggage. Instead of giving me shrink wrap, they replaced my luggage without hesitation. Thumbs up!

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