We took a bullet train out to Dusseldorf today, it only took about a half-hour or so to get there from Cologne.

The train station wasn’t near the center of the city, so we had a mile or two walk to the center, which is where all of the points of interest were. It was still fairly early once we got there so we walked the riverside seeing what all was there.

We stopped at the Dusseldorf museum and went through it. Unfortunately we found out that most of the attractions in the city shutdown on Mondays. The only reason that the museum was open was due to some political media thing going on.

We walked around the city for a good amount of time. We even found a couple Japanese stores in one area of town. I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t find any weird Japanese things in there. We took the bullet train back to Cologne.

Tomorrow evening we leave for Kiev.