Checking Registry Binary Values With Labtech

If you’re one of the managed service providers who is actively using Labtech for more than just remotely logging into machines then you’re already above those that are not . If you’re digging in and writing your own scripts then that’s another notch for you. Labtech is a very powerful tool when it is used correctly.  You might come across the need to write a script that will perform the task of checking registry binary values with Labtech. There is a gotcha that you should be aware of that is present in atleast Labtech 2013.1. When performing a binary value registry check with the equals comparator you may notice that your check isn’t returning a success when it should be. Below is the solution to this problem.

Let’s say you’re looking for the following binary value to be present (in hex): 00,00,0F,4E,00

If you perform the registry check in Labtech scripting with that specific value, it will not return a success if the value matches. The reason for this is due to Labtech stripping the leading zeroes in the hex values when it pulls it from the registry.

To search for a binary value you simply need to strip the leading zeroes in your registry check. The correct representation of the above example would be: 0,0,F,4E,0